Candy reduces cravings

 There are very few people in the world who do not like to eat chocolate. Whether you are five or 60 years old, when you get a piece of chocolate, there is no sharing. There is no better gift than chocolate. Chocolate is the only medicine to keep the mind healthy. Relying on that chocolate to create new relationships. Chocolate has many other benefits. But various restrictions have been lifted on this chocolate from an early age.

As a child, eating chocolate is said to cause tooth decay, and on the other hand, it is said that fat will accumulate with age. Chocolate is the first item on the food chart. Actress Shubshree Gangopadhyay recently became a mother. Like everyone else, Shubshree likes to eat ice cream and chocolate. And then she ate chocolate with all her heart on her pregnancy journey. He himself used that image on social media. However, he wrote that ‘these 9 months are not a meal’.

However, a new study has given hope to food lovers. That study says that eating chocolate wholeheartedly, but not gaining weight. Rather it is small. Sounds unbelievable to hear? How do you feel fat? However, this tip does not apply to all chocolates. Chocolate containing low sugar and over 60 percent cocoa will be reduced. However, dark chocolate is better in this case. Avoid white chocolate. And if you exercise daily such as swimming, cycling, it is best to eat 40 to 50 grams of chocolate. Now look at the specific reasons why you should not lose weight by playing with chocolate


Candy reduces cravings

The car does not crave a little candy or a slice of chocolate. And even after this desire, if you do not eat, the amount you eat per day you eat becomes more. As a result, an excess of fat accumulates. So when you want to eat sweets, if you can put a little chocolate in your mouth, then you will lose weight. Eagerness will decrease. The body will be healthy.

Lower body fat

The Journal of Food Chemicals was recently published in the American Chemical Society. Dark chocolate is said to lower cholesterol, regulate blood sugar, and keep weight under control.

It controls hunger

Our bodies resist insulin when we eat sugary foods. As a result, much of the hormone ghrelin is produced. This hormone increases hunger. And we eat a lot there. That is why most people can eat 5 rasgolla together. Eating dark chocolate keeps insulin resistance in check. When the body does not make insulin properly sugar is produced. Dark chocolate but also controls the Ghrelin war. This is according to a 2010 study in the Netherlands. As a result, weight is controlled.

Reduce stress

Weight gain also increases with stress. Because when there is pressure, the cholesterol level rises. As a result, he becomes even more hungry. I eat a lot of knowledge. Chocolate is small but has the potential to reduce stress. Because dark chocolate also regulates endorphin secretion in the brain. Helps the body fight stress, stamina, anxiety. Source: At this time

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