Silent killer-hypertension

Silent killer-hypertension

 The cost in the health sector is also reduced  According to the World Health Organization, 9.4 million people worldwide die of heart attacks and strokes each year.  Which mainly occurs due to hypertension  Stroke and heart attack are the most common causes of death in the world, if the two diseases are caught together

 Compared to Europe, more people die of infectious diseases in Africa and Asia.  But diseases of the so-called civilization, such as heart attacks and strokes, are not far behind.  These 6 are spreading in Africa and Asia

 According to the WHO, 46 percent of Africans die of heart disease before the age of 60.  Heart disease and brain disease are the main causes of premature death in many industrialized countries  Dr. WHO's Department of Non-Communicable Diseases.  "The prevalence of this type of disease is increasing in developing countries. Symptoms such as hypertension are the main cause," said Shanti Mendis.

 People of poor countries are now at risk: -

 If high blood pressure is detected in someone's body, it does not mean that he will die slowly  If caught at the right time, it is possible to treat it  In rich countries, people regularly go to doctors for treatment and checkups  In this case measuring blood pressure is just a routine  Health insurance bears these costs  If high blood pressure is caught, immediate action can be taken against it  But there is no such thing as health insurance in poor countries  The cost of treatment and checkup has to be paid by the patients out of pocket  So many people do not want to see a doctor if there are no difficult symptoms  As a result, diseases like hypertension are not caught  So no action is taken to suppress it

 Margaret Chan, head of the WHO, warned: "High blood pressure usually lasts for many years without any symptoms. Even if the levels are very high, sufferers may not realize it."

 Many people in the world suffer: -

 One billion people worldwide suffer from hypertension  It is expected that this number will increase further  The World Health Organization blames unhealthy lifestyles for this  Excess salt in the diet, alcohol, smoking, laziness, etc. widen the path to hypertension.  Dr.  Mendis has been noticing this trend in various African countries lately  Along with urbanization, people's way of life is also changing in those countries  Earlier, the eating habits of the people there were different  They were also accustomed to physical work  Nowadays more salt is being used in soups and various dishes  Reluctance can also be noticed in physical work  And all this affects high blood pressure

 High blood pressure can be controlled with less salt, more fruits and vegetables, and walking.  The cost of treatment of this disease is not too high  There are various types of medicines available cheaply now  In poor countries, the disease can be treated at a cost of less than a dollar a year  In middle-income countries, it can cost as much as two to three dollars a year

 On the other hand, the cost can be much higher if high blood pressure is not treated  For example, if heart disease occurs, it can be treated or bypassed.

 Urgent blood pressure test: -

 Margaret Chan, head of the WHO, thinks blood pressure tests should be free  And in this case government initiatives need to be taken in different countries  But first of all, everyone should be aware of health  You need to know the measurement of blood pressure 6  We have to change our lifestyle  If necessary, you have to take medicine  In this way we have to fight against this invisible and silent killer

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