Eye swelling and its treatment

Eye swelling and its treatment

We talked about the rise of the eyes of the Associate Professor of the Department of Ophthalmology at Bardem or Diabetic Hospital in Dhaka.  With Hazrat Ali.  Eyelids are commonly referred to as redness of the eyes, tingling of the eyes, slight pain in the eyes, accumulation of puffiness in the eyes and difficulty in looking at the sun or light, and watery eyes.  Especially if you wake up in the morning after sleeping at night, you may get dirt or dirt in the corners of your eyes.  In the case of children, tears may fall from the eyes.  Colds and itchy eyes can occur together.

 This disease is commonly referred to by doctors as conjunctivitis or conjunctivitis.  The white part of the eyeball is called the conjunctiva.  This white part turns red when the eyes are raised and there is inflammation or burning pain.  The disease usually occurs during the change of seasons.  This means that the disease occurs at the end of winter when it is hot.  At the same time other viral diseases such as cold-cough or cold fever occur.

 In general, the virus causes eye diseases.  But the virus is not the only cause of eye strain.  Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated during epidemics.  Eye infections caused by viruses are highly contagious.  The disease can spread from school to college.

 If a person develops a viral eye infection in a densely populated area, the disease can spread rapidly.  In addition, if a healthy person uses a towel used by the patient, he can also get this disease.  Being together with the patient may cause the eyes to swell.  The disease is spread through the air.  However, not all eyes are raised due to the virus.  Some eye infections are also caused by bacteria.

 Now, the question that naturally comes to mind is whether the eye rash was caused by a virus or a bacterium, can ordinary people like you understand me?  Yes, Dr.  In response to such a question, Hazrat Ali told us that with the emergence of viral eyes, there may be symptoms like fever, cold, ear or throat pain.  The eyes will be red and the eyes will look like something like sand has fallen or the eyes will be itchy.

 Due to the rise of such eyes, there is almost no accumulation or dirt in the eyes.  But those who suffer from diseases such as eye infections due to bacteria do not have fever, cold, ear or throat pain.  However, those who have eyes due to bacteria, their eyes will be more red.  They will have a lot of dirt in their eyes, especially when they wake up in the morning.  It will be difficult to open the eyelids due to the accumulation of dirt.

 However, if the eyes are raised, the eyes will be red, but there will be no pain in the eyes or blurred vision will not be seen.  If any of these symptoms occur as soon as the eye is raised, the patient should be alert.  Because then it has to be assumed that this type of symptom has appeared for any reason called glaucoma or iritis.  In that case it would not be right to delay going to the doctor at all.  In addition, the water that will come out of the eyes when the eyes are a little sticky.

 The eyelids will be swollen and you may feel a tingling sensation when you see sandy things in your eyes.  Eyelids may first appear in one eye.  Later it may be in the other eye.  Or sometimes it can be two eyes together.

 There is usually no need for any medicine to get rid of the virus.  Because such eyes get better within seven days.  Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.  It is given as a precautionary measure.  These antibiotics are given to prevent any other infection from attacking the eye caused by the virus.

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