Homeopathy in the treatment of hepatitis-C

Homeopathy in the treatment of hepatitis-C
Homeopathy in the treatment of hepatitis-C

Homeopathy in the treatment of hepatitis-C

 How Hepatitis-C is spread: -

 First, the disease is spread through blood circulation.  Hepatitis C should be tested before taking another blood.  Second, the disease can be spread through the use of the same saving razor, razor, blade, syringe of the same injection by more than one person.  That is why one thing should not be used by another.  However, the risk of transmission of the disease through sexual intercourse is very low and the chances of Hepatitis-C transmission from mother to fetus are also low.  In addition, the disease does not spread through social gatherings (handshakes, hugs) or patient use items such as glasses, spoons, clothes, etc.  Only products that come in contact with the patient's blood (razors, blades, razors, toothbrushes) can spread the disease.

 What to do in infected patient: -
 Patients with hepatitis C should be treated immediately under the supervision of a specialist.  Hepatitis C can now be cured with appropriate treatment.  The purpose of this treatment is to stop the destruction of liver cells and to detoxify the body.  Hepatitis-C causes severe deterioration in the patient's quality of life, followed by death from liver cirrhosis or cancer.

 Diagnosis: -
 With the delay in diagnosis, the function of the liver also deteriorates and the chances of recovery through treatment are reduced.  It is very important to diagnose the disease at an early stage.  In order to detect an early viral infection, the presence of auricles in the blood must be determined.  If the patient is Hepatitis-C positive in the initial test, then the stage of infection also requires a wake-up test and in some cases a liver biopsy to diagnose the condition of the liver.

 Homeopathic Remedies: -
 Homeopathic treatment Selecting drugs for hepatitis-C disease is not very easy.  The following drugs are used to treat the symptoms of this disease.  Such as Mercurium solubilis, Netrasulph, Chelidonium, Carduas-marinas, Chionanthas-Virginica, China, Lycopodium, Naxvamika, Iodine, Loroceresas, Acid Muer, Phosphorus, Magnesia, Magnesia.  .  Even then, no medicine should be taken without the advice of a specialist.

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