Gastric or acidity problems and easy solutions!

Gastric or acidity problems and easy solutions!

 Gastric or acidity problems and easy solutions!
 Gastric or acidity problems are very common in our country.  Many people suffer from this problem almost all the time of the year.  In modern medical science, many well-known and expensive medicines are available as remedies.  But if it can be cured with various natural things close at hand, then why spend extra money.
 Let's take a look at some of these elements:

 If you are suffering from gastric problems, Long may be your right diet.  Keep chewing with two long mouths, so that the juice goes inside you.  You will see that the acidity is gone.

 Fry with one teaspoon of cumin.  Now grind it in such a way that it does not become powder, it is a little broken.  Mix this powder in a glass of water and drink it every time you eat.  See how it works like magic.

 The powder can relieve heartburn and acidity in your chest.  When the chest burns, immediately put a little powder in the mouth until it is completely melted.  However, it is contraindicated in patients with diabetes.

 Matha made of milk and butter was once very popular in our country.  Works like a tonic to get rid of acidity if you add a little black pepper powder to it.
 Mint leaves

 Mint leaf juice has long been used to treat gastric problems.  You can stay away from acidity and indigestion by chewing mint leaf juice or leaves every day.

 If we don't get married at home, it won't work.  It is very helpful in digestion as it is made with various anti-acid ingredients like sour curd, beet salt etc.  If you can eat a glass after a heavy meal every day, your gastric problems will be largely eliminated.
 Basil leaves

 You all know about the basil leaves full of thousands of qualities.  Its role in eliminating acidity is also unique.  When you have gastric problems, chewing 5-6 basil leaves will show that the acidity has decreased.  Basil leaves that are blended every day and eaten with water will reduce the tendency of acidity.

 Anda is also an herbal ingredient that is very useful to us.  Every time you eat a small piece of egg half an hour before taking food, you will see that your gastric problem has disappeared.

 Milk contains a lot of calcium, which helps reduce stomach acid.  Leaving a glass of milk in the fridge at night and drinking that cold milk on an empty stomach the next morning can keep you free from acidity throughout the day.  However, someone's stomach is hypersensitive to milk, in their case, drinking milk may increase the problem.
 Vanilla ice cream

 We all like to eat ice cream.  But did you know that vanilla ice cream not only satisfies us, but also works to eliminate acidity!  Did you hear that it made you eat more ice cream?  However, be careful not to apply cold again.

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