Other names: Tarnika Montana, Leopards Ben, Matine Lebako, Kaltha. Alapana, Mobinten Arnica, Cherry Santhisam Lenti Folium. Place of receipt: It is a special type of tree. Born and dies every year. It is found in Europe, Russia, Siberia and America. Symptoms Introduction: Mind - Its psychological symptoms are very important. Someone is afraid to touch or approach. Unconscious state, when someone asks a question, he answers correctly but immediately becomes obsessed. Indifference, not being able to do anything for a long time, depression and depression. Nervous nature, can not tolerate pain. Extremely sensitive to the whole body. He says in his mouth, nothing comes of it. Wants to be alone Fear of open space or crowds is the result of mental exertion or trauma. Head- head is hot but body is cold. Feelings of involvement. The sensitivity of the brain as well as the sensation of scheduled pain. Contractions on the scalp. Chills in certain parts of the forehead. Old headaches, all things seem to go awry, especially when traveling. Eyes - Bruising due to severe paralysis of the muscles or bleeding from the retina. If you do any work close to the eyes, the feeling of pain in the eyes, it is obligatory to keep the eyes open. Rotation of the head as soon as you close your eyes. Fatigue and fatigue in the eyes after seeing a scene or a picture.
Ear- As a result of blood rising in the head, various forms of sound can be heard in the ear. Sounds like throwing a gun in or around the ear. Bleeding through the ears. As a result of the injury, the ear is less sharp. Feeling very painful in the cartilage of the ear. Nose- Cough with nosebleeds. Blood black and liquid. Nose pain, soreness and freshness, cold. Mouth cavity- smells bad, dry and thirsty. Taste in the mouth, taste of rotten eggs. Wounds on the gums after brushing the teeth. Pus accumulates in the jaw. Face- eyes as if sitting. Extremely reddish, heat on the lips. Herpes zoster on the face. Stomach- wants to eat vinegar. Do not want to eat milk and meat. Giant hunger. Bloody mind. Stomach pain during meals. Abdominal weight. It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring. Stinky stools. Brown, bloody, rotten, reluctant stool. Like ganja in Malkala. Every time he defecates, he is forced to lie down. Tuberculosis diarrhea, increased bedtime on the left side. Muscle pain with stool-like stools of diarrhea. Urine - Urinary incontinence due to overwork. Urine sediments like black bricks in the urine. Bladder tingling pain after each attempted urination. Wife - genitals - pain in the limbs after delivery. Severe vascular pain. Bleeding as a result of injury to the senses after intercourse. The nipples are sore. Inflammation of the breast as a result of injury. During pregnancy, the fetus appears to be in the abdomen horizontally.
Respiratory tract- Cough due to chest injury, coughing during sleep at night, increase in exertion. The young larynx becomes inflamed, the tongue and soft palate swollen. Paralysis of pneumonia rage. Excessive vocal cords can cause tingling and tingling in the morning. Coughing or sneezing. Dry cough with a melody at the bottom of the trachea. Bloody cough, shortness of breath with rash. Feeling of pain in the chest bones. Dada's sores on his face were manifested with a terrible relative cough. Whooping cough, infant cough obsession. He started crying before coming. Pabedan. Heart- Heart pain, more pain on the left elbow. Heartburn. The pulse is weak and smooth. Heartburn with shortness of breath. Pain in the limbs, scattering pain, fat accumulation and increase in the heart. Hands and feet - glandular, scary when someone touches or approaches. Pain in the back and hands as well as tingling in the legs. Looks like he's sprained or dislocated. Tatani Baedh after extra work. The bed feels stiff no matter which way you lie down. Coldness like the dead in the front arm. Banti cannot walk in the province in pain. The wind starts to blow down and slowly rises to the top. Skin - black and blue spots on the skin. Itching, irritation, small boils. Small explosives in groups. Black veins fall on the skin. Bedtime. Classified indigestion. Sleep - After too much hard work, you become sleepless and restless. I fell asleep with a restless feeling, my head became hot and I woke up. Dreaming of death, it seems that the body
Fragmented. Anxious, nightmares. Fear of the night. Leaving the stool unconscious in sleep. Fever - Symptoms of fever are similar to typhoid. Vibration all over the body, heat in the head and so on but the whole body is cold. Internal heat and more heat but the whole body is cool. Internal heat. Sweaty odor at night. Slight touch, movement, rest, drinking and soaking in wet climate. Relieve if you are lying down or with your head down. What form of medicine is available in the market: 10-15 drops of arnica in a little water in case of severe injury or bruising on any part of the body. Mixing that water pot with 24 hours external application and taking low energy medicine internally will soon be beneficial. In addition, 20-25 drops mixed with one ah spirit is useful for external application. If you use Artika after delivery, the pain and soreness will be relieved very soon and the bleeding will stop. Arnica antiseptic medicine. This increases the contractile power of the uterus and the discharge marks, mucus and discharge of blood are expelled quickly.Headache - Relieves headaches in practice but increases in cold with other symptoms. Irritable pain occurs at certain times, including instability and coldness of the skin. Migraine headaches as well as cold sores on the scalp, extreme weakness. If the wind blows on the head, cold is born. Constantly shaking his head. Terrible itching on the scalp, dead skin, big touch of the scalp, itching, hair combing. Eyes- Irritation in the eyes with discharge of discharging tears. The eyelids are red, the injured gums fall. Ich-like substances accumulate. Granular material accumulates, causing swelling around the eyes. External inflammation with intense pain, burning, burning, discharge tears. Wounds in the corners of the eyes, very alakatanka, heat relief applied. Ocular neuralgia as well as irritating pain. Ear - The skin of the middle ear is raised and irritated. Odor pus comes out of the ear, pus is thin and harmful. Hear the roar in the ears during the pain. Nasal discharge like a lot of water. The nose seems to be blocked. Strong sneezing but it does not relieve. Typhoid symptomatic fever and runny nose. Growing in the wind. Indoor relief, nasal irritation and bleeding. Acne on the nose. Wounds in the nose. Face- The face is swollen, yellowish in color, the rage is worn out, the face is sitting. Cold and covered in sweat. Expresses concern. Pain like tearing, needle piercing, burning. The eight are black and faded. During the rage, the limited space on the gondola becomes arakt. H mouth wheat- bad gums and easy bleeding. Wounds in the oral cavity, dryness and irritation painful painful sores. Peerka to the valley of Ashta. Tongue sore, blue

Letters. Bloody saliva discharge. Dental neuralgia, it seems that the teeth have grown, metallic taste in the mouth, hot sores in the mouth. Neck - swollen, inflamed. Squeezing the throat, irritating, can't swallow anything. The artificial membrane of diphtheria is dry and leprous. Stomach - Can't stand the sight or smell of food. Extremely thirsty, drinks water frequently but very little. Nausea after eating or drinking. Screaming and vomiting. Inflammation of the abdomen. Strong desire to drink non-alcoholic beverages and coffee. Heartburn, acid and bitter substances come up through the throat, it seems to be hedge. Long lasting ejaculation. Blood, bile, green mucus or brown blood mixed with vomiting. The stomach is full of excitement. I think there are wounds in that place. Pain in the stomach when you eat or drink a little. Whatever you eat or drink seems to be frozen in the um duct. It is as if the esophagus is closed and nothing seems to come out of it. Eating vegetables, watermelons and other aquatic fruits is a source of anger. Angry wants to eat milk. Strong fear and unconsciousness with stomach ache pain. Abdominal cavity - like tearing in the lower abdomen, burning like fire. Relieve heat. Spleen and liver enlarged and painful. Abdominal and overall shaft. The lower abdomen is swollen and associated with pain. Coughing causes pain in the lower abdomen, it seems that there is a wound. Simple- painful. Convulsive edema. Kunthan. Irritating pain and pressure in the rectum and rectum. 4
The stool is very low in volume, very foul smelling and very tired with black stools. Increases at night, after meals and after drinking. Colds in the stomach, alcoholism, increased consumption of contaminated meat. Diarrhea, fecal incontinence, bloating and severe odor. Cholera as well as anxiety, fatigue and unbearable thirst. Skin peels around the anus. 22. Urine - very small, irritating, reluctant. As if the bladder is paralyzed. Agu reddish urine. Part of the epithelium with urine is pus and blood cells and clotting obstruction satrik ashta. Mahu is dying. D E Wife - Genitals - Premature menstruation and abundant menstruation. Irritating pain in the ovarian region. Discharge. Bitter, irritating, smelly and like water. Pain in the genitals, increase in slight movement, extreme fatigue. Relieve in a warm home. Excess. The pain of being stabbed in the slums and this pain seems to come down through Urdesh. Respiratory system - seems to be short of breath. Ragi does not want to sleep for fear of suffocation. Constriction of the airways. The feeling of asthma increases after midnight. Irritated cough in the chest. Coughing after midnight increases if you lie on your back. Slightly foamy mucus rises. Severe pain in the upper part of the right lung. There is a hissing sound during breathing. Heat all over the body and pain between the shoulders, coughing up blood. The cough is dry and smells like sulfur sleep, the cough starts after drinking water. Heart - Heart palpitations, pain, shortness of breath, weakness. Smoker and tobacco leaves. Heartburn in people who chew. In the morning the pulse is relatively fast, the heart expands, blue pandurag, obesity, heart and neck and head pain.
Alfalfa (Alfalfa) Other names - Medicagae Sativ, California Clover, Lucerne, Chilean Flower. Place of receipt - It is a type of plant, used as a nutritious food for goats and sheep in America and other places. Nowadays it is being used as a tonic in medicine. It is currently being cultivated in America. Some were born in Madras, Bangladesh, Uttar Pradesh. Symptoms Identity - Mind - The medicine brings spirits to the mind. The mind radiates hope for a brighter future and well-being. Eliminates fatigue. It is especially useful for those who are angry, drowsy, drowsy, depressed, irritable and those whose symptoms increase in the evening. Scalp - The back of the head, between the eyes and above the heavy barrier. This load increases in the evening. Pain in the left side of the head and strong head. Ear - At night, it is complete in the ducts extending from the gallbladder to the middle ear. This feeling goes away in the morning. Stomach - Increases appetite, thirst. In some cases, the appetite decreases. But in most cases the appetite is very high. Ragi wants to eat occasionally and can’t wait until the meal is over. He gets hungry before noon. Eats little by little from time to time. Loves to eat sweets.
Abdominal cavity - feeling of tightness in the lower abdomen. A few hours after the meal, the pain is aroused by the accumulation of air in the stomach and this pain is circulating. Repeatedly thin. Yellow stool discharge. Pain during discharge and with it flatulence and burning sensation in the abdomen. Chronic appendicitis. Urine - Weak glands, frequent urination. Diabetes, enough urea with urine, indicas and phosphate excreted with urine. Sleep - Anger usually causes more sleep, especially in the morning. It is a comfortable and peaceful sleep. In addition, this drug has been used successfully in many symptomatic cases. Namely- (1) It improves digestion and as a result appetite, thirst increases and weight increases. (2) Metal relieves weakness, constipation, nervousness, insomnia and loss of appetite. (3) It produces fat and prevents the decay of body components. (4) It increases the quantity and quality of milk by removing the defect of lactating mother's milk. (5) It has a significant effect on the urinary tract and helps in normal functioning. Due to the arousal of the urinary tract, it is very effective in enlarging the mouth glands of the bladder. Its enough action on arthritis sufferers. Its benefits are infinite. 11
Emanium Kastikam. (Ammonium Causticum) Other names - Lycra Amen Fort, Amen Causticum, Amenicum Hydrate, Eng Ammania Water. Receipt is the main day benefit feet. Location - It is a type of liquid chemical and can be prepared by chemical process in the laboratory. It also works well in cases of rao, extremely kunthanasaha bloody etc. It is useful in cases of sore throat, laryngitis, extreme weakness, sore throat, extreme tingling pain, tingling in the tongue etc. It also works well in cases of mustache, heart failure, blood pressure in the chest, bowel discharge, arthritis of the shoulder muscles, excessive cold in bronchitis, etc. Symptoms Identification - Breathing - Breathing - Difficulty breathing. Persistent cough with mucus in the respiratory tract. Sore throat Inflammatory hemorrhage in the throat, pain in the esophagus at the entrance to the esophagus. Feeling of burning and screaming in the esophagus and esophagus. The alveoli are white and mucous. Nasal diphtheria as well as irritating colds. Hands - legs - extreme fatigue and muscle weakness. Arthritis pain in the chest, dry skin and heat.
Anacardium oxidantalis. (Anacardiam Occidentalies) Another name - known only by this name. Origin - It is a type of deciduous tree and bears fruit, usually in the mainland of Greece. Benefits - Erysipelas, blisters on the face, etc. Beneficial for moles, leg cramps, wounds, cracked soles, etc.
Asheka. (Asoka) Other names - Sarakindica, Jonasia Ashoka, Kankelia, Ashegi. No other place of origin - it is an Indian plant and it grows in different parts of India. The bark of this tree is needed for the preparation of medicine. Acquisition Symptoms Identity - Head - one side headache, uterine pain, headache due to blood clotting. Relieve in the wind. Pain in the eyelids, pain above the eyes and panic. Runny nose. Lots of watery discharge, olfactory energy lap. Beneficial etc. = Lack of interest. In case of ejaculation, excessive e-wife - reproductive senses - delayed and irregular menstruation, menstrual cramps, menstruation, pain in the ovaries before menstruation. Menstrual cramps, urinary incontinence. Sleep - dreaming about interrupted travel. Surface - Pain along the spine, extending to the lower abdomen and thighs. 14
Horse odor. (Aswagandha) Other names - Vithamia semenifera, Unter cherry, Kalang. Origin - It grows in different parts of Bengal, Bihar and India. The roots of this tree are needed for the preparation of medicine. Benefits - Nervous weakness, irregular menstruation. Useful in case of lack of sexual energy etc. It is an excellent remedy for mental anguish. Lack of memory is not good for healthy thinking, especially for those students who are not able to study well due to lack of memory. When I read, I don't remember, I forget everything. Lack of pleasure energy, ejaculation unnecessarily, relaxation of the penis. The medicine is very useful for women's leucorrhoea, menstrual cramps, excess, etc. 15
Basaka is another name - Justicia eratoda, Sinihaka, Sinahapara, Bista etc. Another source - it grows in large numbers in different parts of India. Its leaves are used in the preparation of medicines. Acquisition Symptoms Identity - Head - is prone to arousal, becomes arousal due to external causes. The scalp is warm, full and heavy, with lots of tears, colds, fluids, constant sneezing, no smell or taste. Cold with cough. Bronched matte goiter - heavy, painful to swallow, sticky cold, dry mouth sores. Respiratory system - Dry cough from the middle of the chest to the whole chest, coughing from the pain in the larynx, as well as shortness of breath. Sneezing with cough. Coughing with severe shortness of breath, chest tightness. Asthma cough attack. Does not want to stay in a closed and warm room. Whooping cough. Medicine between Elim Sepa and Euphrasia. This is 16
Blatta Orientalis is another name for the Indian archula, Telapaeka. Location - This mature national insect can be seen all over our country. It is especially common in dark rooms, kitchens and rented rooms. Benefits- Asthma medicine. Especially when there is bronchitis with asthma. This medicine should be used if you do not get results using arsenic. Bronchitis and Thysis Anger Shortness of breath with cough. Strong and strong expressive action on the person. Excessive pus-like discharge. It is better to use the least amount of energy during the period of anger. High strength should be applied when convulsions are reduced. Medications should be discontinued as soon as the patient's condition improves, as there is less risk of recurrence. Goddess Chandra Vidyasagar used to prepare the mother tincture of Arshula and distribute it free of cost among the asthmatic ragis and many ragis have got better in it. Arsula has no smell when cooked in fire, it is a delicacy in China. 16
Simple - Mango Constipation. Euphrasia Officinalis Euphrasia Officinalis Other names for inflammation - Ibrite, Euphrasia ella, Euphesia, Euphrasia candida, Euphosia leti folia, Euphrasia pusilla, etc. Origin - This is a type of annual gula, grown in large numbers in the fields of Europe. Its roots are very short and white, it also has flowers. The whole plant is used for medicinal purposes. Psychiatric arousal, symptom identification - scalp - decisive headache as well as bright eyes. Colds, headaches and lots of eye and nosebleeds. Respiratory - Cold sores go in the morning. Hushy Nose - Strong cough with plenty of liquid nasal discharge and adequate mucus discharge. Fruit. He has sleepy eyes - cold sore eyes, lotus discharge. Tears always fall from the eyes. Eye discharge is discharge but nasal discharge is not harmful. The discharge is dense and sore. Irritation and swelling in the eyelids. Repeated blink of an eye. The discharge continues freely. Eighteen mucus accumulates in the corners of the eyes and the eyes flicker again and again. 4 It has to be left. Pressure on the eyes. Six to six rashes develop on the cornea. Blurred vision in the eyes. Arthritis Inflammation of the eyes. Fall of the retina. The cheeks are red and hot. Stiffness of the upper lip. Jur - the stomach of the house - vomiting to pick up mucus. Vomiting, nausea and bitter taste after smoking.

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